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    Why So Many are Flocking to Turnkey Investment Opportunities?

    Bloggers are chatting up a storm about turnkey investment opportunities in 2015. The year started off with a great deal of hope and promise with buyers gaining more confidence in the market as they watched employment numbers rise, and with it their money’s ability to stretch further. People are gaining more confidence in the economy in general, as a result are willing to take a little bit more risk when it comes to investment.

    That being said, as a recent US New and World Report article has pointed out, investors are extremely enthusiastic about investment opportunities in real estate, but not in the same way that investors just a few years ago were.

    Today’s investors in real estate are interested in turnkey investment. And many of those investors haven’t broken out of their 30s, some are still twentysomethings.

    Why are so many flocking to turnkey investment opportunities, this nontraditional way of investing hard earned money?

    The report by Erin Lowry indicates that “Many have turned to turnkey properties, which offer the opportunity to become a homeowner while adding another revenue stream to an investment portfolio”

    Turnkey investment opportunities allow the investor to bypass one of the biggest headaches of real estate investment—managing properties, house flipping, making repairs and more.

    In fact, as the article points out, “unlike house-flipping that might require significant repairs to make a home livable, a turnkey investment is typically ready to rent the day it’s purchased.”

    So what are the advantages of working with a turnkey property company?

    What is clear about getting involved in turnkey property investment is that you have to do some research. You can get involved with a real estate agent or work with a turnkey company. Turnkey companies like Indy REI will:

    • Identify Ideal Properties for Your Investment
    • Prepare properties packets that show all available homes in your area of interest
    • Advice on vetting your potential turnkey properties
    • Gain market information, trends, values and learn risks involved and potential outcomes

    We’d love to tell you more! Click here to learn more about Indy REI or visit our site to share more about your own goals with us!


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