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    How to Get Investment Property Loans

    Have you been thinking about becoming a turnkey property investor? Now you can purchase investment property with more options and flexibility than you have ever thought possible, using investment property loans. Getting an investment property loan is easier than you think, which is why we want to share four simple steps on how to get one.1. You and Investment Property Loans

    It is more than possible for you to intelligently finance properties with investment property loans. In economics, investment simply means the purchase (and thus the production) of capital goods – goods which are not consumed but instead used in future production. Examples include building a railroad, or a factory, clearing land, or putting oneself through college. In the national income accounts, investment is also a component of GDP given in the formula GDP = C + I + G + NX. The investment function in that aspect is divided into non-residential investment (such as factories, machinery etc.) and residential investment (new houses)

    2. Payment Options

    Different loans require different things. We will discuss the options available to you in order for you to get your investment property loan. With the increase of lenders available for your investment property loan there has been an increase in the different down payment options as well. Many of them are based on things such as credit score requirements, and whether or not the property will qualify for a particular investment property loan.

    3. What the Internet Says

    While you can get a lot of accurate and useful information from the internet, you can also get misleading information from the internet such as claims saying a large down payment is required to get investment property loans. This is not the case anymore, as more and more people are investing in property without making any down payments. In any case, let the experts at IndyREI help you navigate these details as we have the experience and the know how to lead you to the right decision.

    4. Percent Down Payment Options

    Lower mortgage rates can be obtained while getting the investment property loan you are looking for. This is easier when you put some sort of down payment on the property. This mitigates the banks risk and offers more options for the investment property loan. We’d love to explain the many additional benefits you can obtain when do pursue this option.

    Let’s Connect!

    We’d love to help you get on your way to moving smoothly through the turnkey property investment process! Contact us know if we can help fill in any other gaps in understanding you have when it comes to your next investment!


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