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    Class B Properties

    How can you start to move toward your investment and cash flow goals when it comes to real estate investment? You can start with Indy REI. Let’s get you going by explaining what Class B properties are. If you’ve missed the discussion on Class A, click here.

    Indy REI’s experts are able to locate the very best real estate opportunities for you in the Indianapolis market, in fact in all of Central Indiana. We do this by filtering our searches to match your exact needs. We vet all properties to make sure they are the soundest investments you can make and use formulas which will let you—the investor—achieve your goals.

    The “Class B” asset is for the somewhat conservative real estate investor who is willing to take on managed risk. While this provides a higher return than Class A and the overall stability of Class B properties is strong, there may be years with a higher than normal vacancy but with this risk can come reward.

    – Price points from $75,000 – $95,000.

    – Rents for $900 – $1,100

    – Overall investment returns of between 15% – 20% per year.

    – Moderately stable locations where “Owner Occupants” make up approximately 75% of the neighborhood.

    – Located in average school districts.

    – Mid-level vacancy factor at 5% overall across this class.

    – Normal wear and tear is expected.

    – Easily liquidated soon after acquisition, if needed, for a break-even.

    – Typical investment requires $14,000 – $20,000 per property if using financing.

    Keep in mind that all properties offered, across all asset classes, are redeveloped, top to bottom, to the same high standards with a client’s long-term cash flow in mind.

    Are you interested in a conversation with one of the experts at Indy REI? We’d love to speak with you and help you get on track to turn your investment into cash flow as soon as you are ready. Contact us by filling out this form today!


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