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If you’re an investor looking for real estate properties in the greater Indianapolis area, you won’t be disappointed!

Expect better results with a boost from our insider expertise.

Whether you want to purchase wholesale properties or you are just curious about an alternative to investing your money in the unsure stock market, we are certain you’ll be surprised by the ROI potential you’ll enjoy as an investor who partners with Indy REI.

Our expert team has called Indianapolis home for over three decades—we put our knowledge of the city and the surrounding areas to work for you!

Get Started Making Money with Indianapolis Real Estate

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to invest your hard earned money, we would love for you to check out what investing in real estate in Indianapolis can mean for you.

Wondering what it takes to get started investing in real estate in Indianapolis? Typically, our clients work with one of our three models:

Wholesale Flip – A property is purchased as-is and our team chooses a reputable company to renovate the property for you. After it has been expertly renovated, it’s ready to pass to a property manager who will quickly place a tenant in the property so you can start EARNING!

Investor Turnkey – We complete everything for you before you close. You’ll have a turnkey property that’s move-in ready. This option is perfect for investors that want a simple option to make more money off of real estate in Indianapolis!

Flip Turnkey – This model is ideal if you want to fund a deal on the front end with your own capital but you don’t want to do the work or you’re not familiar with real estate flipping in general. Our team gets the renovations done, and then you reap the profits when you sell it through our negotiated exit strategy channels—whether it is through retail flip or turnkey flip.

Many clients love this model because it leads to a fast and easy profit, and the profits can be rolled into the next project for even more earning potential!

Ready to get started? After discussing your particular goals, we’ll brainstorm a plan that fits you best.

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